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Your Android phone’s installed apps are compared to virustotal ( via VirusTotal Mobile. It will enable you upload any unidentified applications to Virustotal and will alert you to any malware (viruses, trojans, and worms) on your phone. In other words, Virustotal for Android will check your apps using more than 50 antivirus programmes and highlight any information that is harmful. Virustotal for Android only offers a second opinion about your apps; it does not offer real-time security and is not a replacement for any antivirus software.

Any file or URL can be examined straight from the application or from another application, in addition to scanning all installed applications and submitting them if they aren’t already in Virustotal.

Are you considering applying to be a BetaTester? We’re interested in hearing from you. Please take note that we would like to give the application in Portuguese; if you are interested in helping, please write us an email. Analyze suspicious files and URLs to find different types of malware, then share your findings with the security community.

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