Top 12 Sites to Download Free and Legal Music

Nowadays, everyone chooses to listen to music on the top music streaming services, making downloading music a lost art. However, there are still many people who would prefer to listen to music uninterrupted and in the finest quality available. And downloading the music is a way to accomplish that. As a result, we’ve added free and authorized websites that host music, from well-known tunes to royalty-free music. Having stated that, let’s identify the websites where you may legally download free music.

The top 12 free music download websites that you should be aware of in 2023 if you want to legally download music are featured in this list. We have covered everything in this article, from royalty-free music to websites that feature well-known tunes and performers.

1. SoundCloud

For independent bands, aspiring musicians, and experienced singers alike, SoundCloud is a well-liked music streaming service. Not to mention, it’s one of the greatest free music download services that still enables you to legally download independent songs in addition to your favorite tracks. Having said that, not all music on SoundCloud can be downloaded. Only you are able to download a song if the artist has enabled the download flag in the backend.

Depending on the artist, you may be given the option to download the MP3 tune or be sent to one of the various music streaming applications. Simply conduct a search for your preferred music, and a “Download” or “Free Download” option will be shown next to the song. Overall, SoundCloud is a great option if you want to legally download free music.

2. Bandcamp

Another well-known audio distribution network where you can find hundreds of tracks for free is Bandcamp. It features a range of musical styles from well-known to obscure musicians. Even a separate page for free music tracks is curated by it. Having said that, it can be challenging to download music for free on Bandcamp. The free download link won’t appear until you click “Buy Digital Track” and enter “0” in the price form.

Simply select “download to your computer” at this point and give a legitimate email address. The song will then be downloaded for free to your computer after you click “OK” at the end. Putting aside the challenging stairs, this is great, right? So feel free to legally download free music from hip new independent artists on Bandcamp. There are a lot of well-known bands and artists here in addition to SoundCloud.

3. Jamendo

Without a doubt, Jamendo is one of the top free music download websites in 2023. You can stream music for free and download MP3 tracks without any cost at this center for up-and-coming and independent artists. However, there is a catch. To download the music, you must register for a free Jamendo account, which is a reasonable request in my opinion. Additionally, it gives away free royalty-free music for commercial use. You can get background music and other audio tracks for your Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, and other quick films by downloading them.

Jamendo’s customized playlists for practically every genre, including Indie, Metal, Electro Waves, Rock, and more, are its finest feature. In conclusion, Jamendo is the one you should support if you’re looking for a free music platform where you can legally download music.

4. YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is the only place you need to look if you’re a content creator in 2023 seeking for a free music download website. For the benefit of content producers, YouTube maintains a dedicated channel that features no-copyright and royalty-free music. You can download these songs without breaking YouTube’s Terms of Service because they are distributed under a Creative Commons license.

The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to use third-party software to get the YouTube track. You can click on the download link that is added just below the audio to download music to your computer. Not to add, you can incorporate these unrestricted soundtracks into YouTube monetized videos. Simply add the attribution that is given under the audio track. In addition, for content producers looking to find and download legal music, check out YouTube Audio Library.

5. Amazon Digital Music

You might be aware that Amazon also provides free digital music. Approximately 4000 freely downloadable soundtracks are accessible on it right now, and you may download them for offline use as well. To download the music, you must be logged into your Amazon account. It has music by the Foo Fighters, Rich Barry, The Rizers, Ashaneen (Nature Sounds Collection), and more artists among the free tunes.

The collection may not be entirely mainstream, but if you browse the library, you can find many excellent soundtracks at no cost. Remember that the free music tracks are only available in MP3 format; FLAC, WAV, and other lossless codecs cannot be downloaded.

6. Live Music Archive

Although you might be downloading obscure books from the Internet Archive, it also houses millions of songs from concerts, movies, audio collections, and other sources. The fact that Live Music Archive intelligently and consistently categorizes its library is what I appreciate most about it. Music can be filtered by genre, language, year, format, and other criteria. You will find a wide variety of music on this portal, from rock to 24-bit recordings.

Did I also mention that you have a variety of options for downloading music files? You can download music in FLAC, MP3, and M3U formats. You can rest assured that The Internet Archive is legitimate because it has frequently been found to be such in copyright court cases. I would argue that if you have a particular fondness for live music, Live Music Archive will become your new home.

7. Free Music Archive

One of the most well-known online music libraries to access free music is called FMA (or the Free Music Archive). Since its launch in 2009, the website has gathered millions of songs that are copyright-free. The FMA is the ideal source for soundtracks for content producers, whether they are looking for ambient, new age, electro, or instrumental music.

You can download the song and use it in podcasts, videos, and other media projects because all of the music tracks are freely available under the Creative Commons license. You may find new music from up-and-coming artists and download it with just one click thanks to Free Music Archive, which also curates a featured mix with well-known soundtracks. Overall, the Free Music Archive is an essential audio archive at your disposal if you’re a content developer.

8. SoundClick

Although SoundClick does not have a huge music collection, it is one of the few brand-new websites where you may safely and legally download music. It is a gathering place for aspiring musicians, unaffiliated bands, and music fans. The website provides carefully crafted playlists and charts for anything from hip-hop to instrumental music.

The MP3 files for the music are accessible for free use under the Creative Commons license. The benefit of SoundClick is that it also has a social networking component, where users can connect with one another, exchange music stations, start blogs, and perform a variety of other tasks. So SoundClick is the best music community you can join if you’re looking for something more than just song downloads.

9. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade, which is now owned by Paste Magazine, is one of the websites where you can download ZIP files of the entire album for free. It features a wide selection of tunes by musicians such Alabama Shakes, Phoebe Bridgers, Natalie Bergman, and others.

You must register with a working email address in order to download the tracks, after which the ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer. If you want to support the artist financially, click the “Tip” button at the bottom to do so. NoiseTrade is a great alternative if you want to legally obtain free music from well-known musicians.

10. ccMixter

Check out ccMixter for its enormous collection of open music if you’re seeking for a free music website to use for remixes or background music for films, apps, or games. More than 45,000 performers can be found on its portal, and non-commercial usage of the audio collection is permitted under a free Creative Commons license. Additionally, you can absolutely use the music for commercial endeavors as long as you give proper credit.

The fact that there is no sign-up needed in order to download the soundtracks is something I loved about this website. Simply open the song’s website and select “Download” to download it. In addition, the website has editors who choose fresh and popular songs for playlists in accordance with current trends. Overall, ccMixter is another free and authorized music website where you can quickly and easily download MP3 recordings.

11. Musopen

Of course, not everyone like contemporary music. The finest website for you, if you enjoy classical music, is Musopen. The greatest classical composers in history, including Mozart, Beethoven, and others, are represented in Musopen. Once you’ve made and registered an account, you can stream and download the songs for no cost. If you’re seriously interested in music, the website also offers free sheet music and educational materials. It includes an excellent filter that helps you browse through the many musicians to discover the one that best suits your tastes.

12. ReverbNation

ReverbNation has got your back if you’re sick of listening to popular music and are searching for hidden indie gems. All the up-and-coming musicians can share their music on our website, where we can all listen to it for free. It’s incredibly simple to download music from thousands of up-and-coming musicians in all genres. You must first create a profile, click It’s as simple as becoming an artist’s fan and then beginning to download their music.

These are our top 12 recommendations for the greatest free music download sites in 2023. There are very few websites that house mainstream and popular musicians and allow you to download their music offline for free, especially in light of the growing popularity of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. However, by using these free music download websites, you can find new music and genres as well as independent artists, which can help you expand your knowledge of other genres. Additionally, if you’re looking for a comprehensive list of websites where you may obtain royalty-free images, visit the one we’ve linked to.

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