Top 4 website 2021

1. CorruptAfile Site

The CorruptAfile website is one of the most effective file corruptors available, capable of rendering any file format unreadable. This free online website has the ability to corrupt Word, Excel, archives, MP3 files, and a wide range of other file types. Due to technical difficulties, no one will be able to open the file once it has been corrupted using this website. The method is straightforward. Look for the option to “Select the file to corrupt” on the website. Choose one of the yellow buttons from Your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Select the file you want to tamper with. Click the Corrupt File button to delete the file right away.

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2. VirusTotal Site

VirusTotal Site is a free service that scans files and URLs for viruses, worms, trojans, and other dangerous information. It was launched in 2004. Our mission is to make the internet a safer place by working together with antivirus companies, researchers, and end users of all types. The VirusTotal Site community, which now has over 500,000 registered members, includes Fortune 500 organisations, governments, and prominent security firms.

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3. WolframAlpha Site

The WolframAlpha Site is especially popular among young individuals who have received their education at mathematically oriented institutions. The main thrust of the Site is incorporated in the code and aids in the solution of various equations or jobs in sciences such as physics, practically all fields of mathematics, mechanics, statistics, probability theory, astronomy, and so on. The ability to take integrals contributed significantly to his reputation among young people. It’s worth mentioning that the application just shows you how to solve a certain task, such as taking the integral, but it doesn’t provide you the complete solution; instead, you’ll get a suggestion of the solution and the final answer, but no full solutions. In addition to these abilities, WolframAlpha Site does a variety of calculations related to numerous branches of research. As you explain how to calculate the subsistence level and provide computer technology calculations, the potential is enormous.

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4. Neverinstall Site

Users can run their favorite desktop software in the browser using the Neverinstall Site. There’s no need to install anything, no need to download files over and over again, and most of all, there’s no need to save any space. It’s ideal for designers and developers that collaborate on a single project with others. You’ll be able to watch what they’re doing and determine how to respond. With preconfigured workspaces, developers can work from anywhere on any device. Region-restricted content is now available to users. It also safeguards your privacy by masking all of your online activities. Neverinstall There are no logs stored on this site. It can be used without charge.

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