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Every single breed of dog known to man has both nice and bad individuals. Some violent dogs are also bad dogs. However, not all dog attack injuries are brought on by aggressive dogs. Some dog attack injuries are brought on by common household pets who have never been aggressive towards anyone. You should always be cautious with dogs.

Depending on the size and perhaps even the type of the dog, certain injuries from dog attacks are worse than others. For instance, a bite from a tiny Chihuahua would probably seem less severe than if it had come from a large German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, or other large breed of dog that is known to be aggressive.

In the majority of vicious dog injury cases, you would deal directly with the animal owner’s homeowner’s insurance provider. These disputes are typically resolved outside of court. That isn’t always possible, though; sometimes the parties can’t come to an understanding, or perhaps the owner doesn’t have insurance. In that situation, you will be considering going to court to decide the case’s resolution.

Before a decision is reached in resolving a case that has gone to court to be heard in front of a judge, numerous important criteria are taken into consideration in the most, if not all, dog bite attack cases. The judge will want to know the location of the incident, whether the dog was leashed on the owner’s land or was roaming loose in the neighbourhood away from the owner’s home. The judge will also want to hear if there have been any previous instances with this specific dog or if this incident is an isolated one. In order to prevent another occurrence like this from occurring in the future, the judge should think about issuing the dog’s owner a warning along with precise directions that the dog is not to be let outdoors unless it is on a leash and in the owner’s care at all times.

If a dog is defending its family, it may bite. The actions of a dog may appear reasonable to its owners, but a judge may view the issue differently after considering the relevant evidence. If a dog is feeding its puppies or eating and thinks someone is about to take their food away, it may also bite. Sadly, bites sometimes occur accidentally in situations like this.

Always seek medical attention if you have been bitten by a dog. Some bites could be more serious than they seem at first. Consider hiring a dog bite assault attorney after visiting the doctor. To determine whether you should proceed with suing the owner, you will need the advice and guidance of an experienced dog bite assault attorney.

Call The Law of Jeffrey S. Dawson at 949/861-2191 right now to schedule a free consultation to go over your case involving a dog attack. Although dog attacks can be dreadful and traumatising, knowing how to prevent one might really save a life. Contact the law offices of Jeffrey S. Dawson if you have been the victim of a dog attack to discuss your potential dog bite lawsuit payout.

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