7 Best Websites for Locating Free Attractions Near Me

1. Meetup Website

A great website to form or find groups of people interested in specific activities is You may quickly look up local organisations or events, and you can narrow down your search results by event type, category, date, and location. You might locate a book club or a hiking group nearby, for example. While on vacation, the Meetup Website can be useful, its greatest utility is in your hometown. It’s a fantastic way to make new acquaintances, too!

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2. Tripadvisor Website

Most likely, you’ve heard of Tripadvisor. If not, it’s a website that offers details and opinions about places, occasions, and activities all around the world. As a result, it’s a great tool for organising your upcoming excursion or activity.

Start by typing your starting point or destination into the search field. Following that, it will provide you some background information on the area, a list of things to do, accommodations and dining options, and other areas that might be of interest.

Browse by clicking Things to Do in the search box! Use the links at the top to further narrow down your search for events or tourist attractions. You can choose an activity that piques your interest and read more about it as well as reviews that other people have left.

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3. The Culture Trip Website

The Culture Trip website is a great resource for learning about events and excursions in your holiday destination (and in your home city). Simply conduct a search for the area and choose the kinds of activities that interest you (for instance, Culture & Education or Attractions). Additionally, you can enter the dates of your visit. The Culture Trip Website will then give you a schedule of forthcoming events and things to do during that time. The Travel Guides are the best aspect of the Culture Trip website. You can enter your location here to get a list of places to stay, things to do locally, articles about the area (including lesser-known sites), guides to the area, and travel advice specifically for that region.

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4. Instagram Website

A wonderful resource for finding nearby attractions is the Instagram website. Just launch Instagram and look up your location. You may now see all of the pictures that others have shared from that area. Jot down locations that stand out to you as you scroll. This way, you can find a tonne of things to do, such as delicious food, awesome structures, breathtaking natural scenery, and more.

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5. Facebook Website

Similarly, use Facebook’s Events tab and Facebook pages to identify nearby events, attractions, and activities (or groups). Choose the Events tab from the menu on the left-hand side of your Facebook feed page. It might be necessary to choose See More first. Based on the pages you’ve liked, the Events page will display events near you. In the left-hand menu, you can look for specific events and organise by categories. You can select the venue and date of events after choosing a category.

The second strategy is to look for regional Facebook groups or pages that either focus on things you’re interested in or are focused on places you wish to go. Making a group is simple, and lots of individuals do it to promote nearby events or places. You can have fun learning more about the destinations you plan to visit by joining Facebook groups. For instance, look for a local bird-watching group if you’re interested in the hobby. Once you’ve been approved, scan the posts for upcoming events.

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6. Eventbrite Website

Another website (and app) that lets you search for events near you at any place over a range of dates is Eventbrite. To find activities, locations, or anything else, use one of the other methods on this list because Eventbrite is only for events. Look up local events, then focus your search by adding dates or prices.

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7. Visitor Centres or Hotel Information Boards Website

The majority of the destinations you visit will have a visitor centre with pamphlets from nearby companies providing tours and activities. Similar amenities like a bulletin board and leaflets are probably available at your hotel. This is a fantastic method to find local activities, however bear in mind that they probably just list activities that cater to tourists. Whether you want to stay close to home or travel abroad, the websites we’ve listed here are the best places to find things to do nearby.

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