How to Increase Your Instagram Followers ( Complete Guide )

Shortcuts like buying followers or utilising bots are no longer viable options. These tactics may temporarily increase your follower count, but they will not benefit you in the long run. That’s because the only Instagram followers that are actually useful are those who care about and engage with your brand. A phoney follower count may inflate your ego, but it won’t help you with your Instagram approach. To learn more about any of the tips below, simply click on it; otherwise, scroll down to see the entire list of Instagram follower-boosting strategies.

1. Make An Instagram Marketing Strategy That Is Well-thought-out.

You’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to make the most of any social media platform. Increasing your Instagram followers is a good place to start. However, having a large number of followers isn’t enough to make an Instagram account successful. Increasing your following should be part of a bigger strategy that ties to your business strategy and social marketing goals.

Consider why you want to gain more Instagram followers. What do you actually want to achieve? You might want to:

  • improve brand recognition
  • increase product sales
  • increase the number of visitors to your website

Keeping your Instagram account consistent can help you stay focused on these business-oriented aims. It will assist you in telling an engaging brand story that will appeal to new profile visitors as well as help you create (and maintain) a loyal following.

2. Develop A Brand Story And Aesthetic That Is Consistent.

Perhaps you want to pique people’s interest by demonstrating how your product is manufactured. Alternatively, to humanise your brand, offer the viewpoint of one of your employees. If you want to promote your business as aspirational, you could show off your consumers’ lifestyles or accomplishments. It’s critical to have a consistent brand personality and image, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

At a glance, your posts should be immediately identifiable. Consider your Instagram grid as a single entity. You can always utilise Instagram Stories to showcase content that doesn’t exactly fit your main feed’s aesthetic.

Even if your items aren’t identical, you can utilise consistent styling to give your grid a uniform look and feel, as @themillerswifecustomcookies does:

3. In order to appear in searches, use keywords.

People must first find you on Instagram before they can follow you. On Instagram, only a small portion of the text is searchable. In fact, just the name and username fields on Instagram contribute to search results. Your Instagram handle is your username. It’s a good idea to make it the same as your other social media handles, as this will make it easier for people to locate you. Use your brand name or a version of it that people are likely to type into a search engine when looking for your company.

Your name can be up to 30 characters long and contain any combination of letters and numbers. Although keyword stuffing is never a smart idea, using your most relevant term in the name field can help enhance discoverability through search. For example, travel writer Claudia Laroye (@thetravellingmom) incorporates the key word “travel writer” in her Instagram name, increasing the likelihood that she will be found by those looking for travel material in general and travel writers in particular.

4. Make Your Instagram Bio And Profile More Appealing

Non-followers account for two-thirds of all Instagram company profile visits. Those new visitors may all become free Instagram followers if your bio and profile persuade them to do so. If your profile is vague, incomplete, or unpleasant, they will not do so. Your profile includes your website (a clickable link) and your bio, in addition to the name and username boxes listed above.

Make the most of your bio’s 150 characters to explain your business identity and convince new visitors to follow you. What can they expect in terms of content? In a brief, easy-to-digest fashion, @abstractaerialart’s bio summarises the account’s objective and promise:

If you have a professional account (company or Creator), you can add further information to your profile, such as your contact information, business type, and location. Use all of the fields that are important to your business to provide new visitors with all of the information they require to decide whether or not to follow you.

5. Design A Gorgeous Instagram Grid

This may seem too simple to say, but it’s a crucial element to consider when considering how to increase Instagram followers. Every every post on your Instagram feed should be of excellent quality and visually appealing. When a new user comes to your profile, the information should pique their interest and make them want to learn more. A new visitor’s desire for more is what motivates them to click Follow. Give a round of applause to commercial photographer @nelsonmouellic for this beautiful achievement.

6. Make a list of your favourite comments.

The ability to pin up to three comments for each post is one of Instagram’s lesser-known capabilities.

There are a couple of ways you may include this new feature into your Instagram marketing strategy. Using pinned comments, you can extend your caption beyond the restricted 2,200 characters by continuing the story in the comments. This allows you to tell more elaborate and in-depth stories, which may be appropriate for some accounts. Another alternative is to pin your favourite user comments, especially if they generate a lot of interaction. This new feature can help you manage the dialogue on your posts in a variety of ways, opening you more options for interaction and

7. Use Other Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Instagram Account.

Making it easy for others to find you is the most crucial approach to obtain free Instagram followers. Your Instagram account should be easy to find. If you have a following on another social media platform, tell them about your Instagram account. Give your existing social followers a cause to check out your Instagram page by sharing a link to it. (For example, an Instagram-only promo code, event, or competition.)

When Jameela Jamil visited BlogHer for an Instagram Live, they made sure to advertise it on their Facebook page as well. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, make sure you publish some material before spreading the word. Aim for at least 12 postings. You may also use your other social media outlets to promote some of your greatest Instagram posts. Consider using paid advertising to promote these posts so that more of your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media followers discover and follow you on Instagram.

8. Incorporate Instagram Postings Into Your Website.

Some Instagram posts have already been incorporated in this blog. Each embedded post is clickable, allowing visitors to go straight to the relevant post or Instagram profile. As a result, embedding your own Instagram posts in your blog is a simple approach to highlight your Instagram content while also driving traffic to your profile. Every new visitor to your Instagram profile, as we’ve already covered, is a possible new Instagram follower.

Assume this blog post was about LinkedIn demographics, for example. (Although it isn’t, we do have a blog post about LinkedIn demographics.) An infographic could be used to communicate some of the most significant demographic information. Alternatively, we could integrate an Instagram post like this:

When you’re posting visual content in your blog, such as photographs, charts, or infographics, you have the option of embedding an Instagram post instead.

9. Share Stuff That Will Be Re-shared

Consider what kind of content you could use to illustrate your own blog entries, as well as what kind of stuff you could share with others. People enjoy sharing good infographics, thus this could be a viable solution. If someone links to your Instagram posts on their blog, you’ll have access to a whole new group of potential followers.

Consider producing material that people will want to re-share on Instagram Stories. In a Story, anyone can reshare your main feed posts. This is also clickable, so anyone interested in learning more can go to your original post. It’s yet another simple technique to reach out to new audiences and potential followers. For example, when I published that same Hootsuite post about LinkedIn demographics to my Instagram Story, it looked like this.

10. Make Use Of Your Instagram Nametag

Your Instagram nametag is a scannable code that allows others to follow you on Instagram right away. As we previously stated, even physical marketing materials provide an opportunity to promote your Instagram account. On offline items such as packing slips, signs, and product packaging, the Instagram nametag is a simple and efficient way to promote your account.

At networking events and conferences, your nametag is also a terrific way to gain new followers in real time. Without having to type out your handle, anyone you meet in person can scan your code to follow you. For simple access, print it out and insert it into your namebadge holder. Tap the three lines symbol in the top right corner of your Instagram profile and select Nametag to find your Instagram nametag.

11. Make it a goal to be featured.

Feature accounts are Instagram accounts that curate and reshare content from other users based on a hashtag or tagging system. Some of these accounts have a sizable following, so having them repost one of your posts (along with your handle) can result in an influx of new Instagram followers. On Instagram, there’s a feature account for almost every area and passion. As you conduct hashtag research, as indicated in Tip 5, you’ll begin to notice them. They can be quite particular with some of them. @damngoodstitch, for example, includes embroidery posts. More than 145,000 people follow the account.

12. Make a beeline for the Explore page.

When you tap the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the Instagram app, you’ll be sent to the Explore tab. This is where “you can locate photographs and videos that you might like from accounts you don’t yet follow,” according to Instagram. Instagram posts, Stories, and IGTV are all available on the Explore tab. The Instagram algorithm selects a grid of material for users to see initially. Using the topic channels at the top of the screen, they may then select to delve deeper into specific content subjects.

Every month, half of all Instagram accounts visit Explore. For brands trying to expand their audience, this is a significant opportunity. So, how can you want your material to show up in the Explore section? It’s not a simple task. Fortunately, we’ve dedicated an entire essay to assisting you in figuring it out. By selecting Explore as an ad placement, you may also pay to get into the Explore feed.

13. Follow Relevant Accounts

When tagging people in an Instagram post, make sure the material is relevant to them. You can, however, follow whomever you choose. When you follow someone on Instagram, there’s a strong possibility they’ll look at your account as well. They’re more inclined to reciprocate if your Instagram feed is full of intriguing content that’s relevant to their interests.

Social listening is a terrific approach to identify conversations about your brand that are relevant to you. From there, it’s simple to find influential users (also known as influencers) to follow. It’s also a good idea to follow the followers of those top users.

The “Suggested For You” area of Instagram is also a wonderful place to look for relevant accounts to follow. This can be found in your feed between posts or on the right side of your computer screen. You may also find Instagram’s recommendations by heading to your profile, clicking the three bars at the top right, and then clicking Discover People. You’ll also get a list of prominent Instagram profiles that the algorithm has chosen for you.

However, you should avoid following too many other accounts at once. For believability, your follower ratio is critical. The number of people who follow you divided by the number of individuals you follow is your follower ratio. Also, don’t play the game of following individuals to garner their attention, then unfollowing once they return the favour. This is a rude gesture that will not help your Instagram reputation.

14. Collaborate With Specialised Influencers

Here’s a key fact to remember if you’re trying to figure out how to obtain more Instagram followers: After seeing a brand pushed by an influencer they trust, 60% of consumers say they’d follow it on Instagram. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to influencer marketing to assist you.

15. Collaboration With Other Brands Is A Good Idea.

Don’t be scared to approach other firms to see if there’s a way to collaborate on Instagram. The correct kind of partnership could lead to more Instagram followers for everyone involved. Consider brands or other businesses with whom you currently engage in other capacities, such as through a local business improvement group or a shopping district. How may you collaborate on Instagram? Hosting a contest involving items from several firms, as Rocky Mountain Soap Company did with Annika Mang of @borntobeadventurous, is a popular choice.

16. Post consistently

Your current fans are eager to see new stuff from you. That’s why they were so interested in you in the first place. As previously said, when users connect with your posts, the higher engagement rewards you with algorithm love. Giving your current followers something fun to connect with might also help you attract new Instagram followers. When it comes to posting, how often should you do it? According to Tailwind’s research, posting on a daily basis “grows followers four times quicker than posting less than once a week.”

17. Consider Advertising On Instagram

Okay, so this isn’t really a free Instagram follower generator. However, Instagram advertisements can be a strong technique to quickly gain new followers by exposing your content to those who might not otherwise see it. Unlike buying Instagram followers, employing Instagram advertisements is a completely legal and effective approach to quickly gain more Instagram followers for a minimal expenditure.

Your audience can be targeted based on their geography, demographics, and even critical behaviours and interests. You can also make a lookalike audience out of folks who have already interacted with your company. You can advertise in Instagram Stories and the Explore feed in addition to the feed. Check out our in-depth Instagram ads guide for all the information on how to develop and post an ad campaign.

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