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A life insurance coverage is a necessary. You should purchase both house and health insurance, if your funds permit. You could protect yourself from any unforeseen financial disaster in this way. But when it comes to an insurance counsellor, only the best will do. We’ll walk you through five steps in this article to help you find the top LIC counsellor in Delhi.

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1. Always prefer a certified advisor

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority must have properly certified your insurance counsellor (IRDA). This demonstrates that he or she is not trying to defraud or trick you. Additionally, the rules established by this institution guarantee your complete protection. Legally, a person cannot offer insurance advice to others if they are not certified by the IRDA. He might go to jail. Therefore, check that an agent has the relevant certifications before hiring them.

2. He needs to finish proposing investment options.

Insurance brokers are much more than just salespeople, you must realise. They need to comprehend financial planning in its appropriate context. They must to be well-versed in all pertinent knowledge regarding domestic and international finance. More essential, your LIC advisor needs to be aware of your family’s financial situation. He would then be able to recommend the ideal insurance for you. It is suggested that you should get to know the counsellor well before letting him into your financial affairs.

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3. He must be fully knowledgeable about the item he intends to offer.

All of the insurance products that the insurance advisor’s company offers must be thoroughly understood by the advisor. He should be the subject of a lengthy discussion with you about the advantages and disadvantages of various policies. You have to realise that every insurance provider offers a tonne of plans. Not every policy is intended for you. After considering your family and finances, your insurance expert must recommend the appropriate coverage for you.

4. Does follow-up occur?

If your insurance advisor forgets about you after you have purchased the coverage, they are a cheap insurance advisor. A responsible advisor wouldn’t act in this manner. You can still have a tonne of questions even after purchasing the policy. To get the most out of your insurance, he or she must keep you informed about the product premium and all other pertinent information.

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5. He must assist you in pursuing your claim.

An advisor has a crucial function to play when a claim is made. He is the only point of contact between the insured and the insurance company. He must be aware of all the requirements that must be met for a claim to be accepted. There was no point in choosing that insurance policy if your claim was denied. When you need someone the most, an excellent insurance advisor will be there for you.

Everybody believes that an insurance counsellor is merely a salesperson. This is a far cry from the truth, though. He or she is someone who will stand by your side during a crucial moment. This is the rationale behind why you should conduct in-depth investigation before choosing the top LIC advisor in Delhi. This little guide will be beneficial in the same way.

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