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Let’s start by exploring who we are. A cutting-edge business name startup is NameBounce. Our objective is to leverage technology to make it simple for anyone to come up with a catchy company name. We began formally in 2019. Since that time, we’ve assisted consumers in more than 200 nations, from the Solomon Islands to the United States. We assist new business owners in finding names for blogs, restaurants, YouTube channels, and more., Syracuse University’s LaunchPad, B2C, Product Hunt, SCORE, SmartBlogger, Startup Stash, and other publications have featured us.

Though we are a young firm, we are expanding. We are doing a lot of effort to promote our platform and provide new items. From the useful free tier of our name generator to a premium naming course that matches the method used by leading agencies, we have goods for every price range. Donating to others is one of our basic beliefs. The economic climate right now is challenging. Many people are hard to decide what to do next after losing their jobs. We aim to help by making it a little simpler for folks to find fulfilling employment. And we want to support them so they can succeed in their work.

We strive to strike a balance between earning a profit and preserving affordability for all of our users in order to accomplish this. Premium domain names these days cost $2,000 or more. Most startup companies cannot afford that. So, we created our goods and services to find comparable-quality company names and domain names at a much lower price.

Many people become sidetracked when starting their company as a result of naming frustration. We aim to turn that issue completely around. Instead, we want naming to act as a driving force behind their business. Our items are meant to provide you hope, and we sincerely hope they do!

The Future of NameBounce

As I’ve already indicated, starting a business can be difficult. Although many people desire to do so, they do not believe that it is a practical option.

The societal environment has begun to shift, though. A four-year college education may set you back $250,000 or more. Even after spending money on education, 53% of graduates find themselves jobless or employed in positions that don’t require a college degree.

The cost of starting a business is falling daily, while the price of college is rising. Anyone may launch a business for as little as a few hundred dollars thanks to the internet. Blogging, affiliate marketing, and the production of digital goods are all excellent business concepts that need little capital up front.

That is a difficult task. This has not been discovered and widely advertised. The idea of losing a job is terrifying for a reason.

But we still think it’s doable. We shall continue to work towards that objective even if it will take some time.

Our company name generator was the first item we released. We then came to the conclusion that a lot of folks required a more comprehensive naming solution. We can help with that with our premium naming options on NameBounce+.

We’ll gradually develop more and more items with that end goal in mind (likely through a separate brand). We’ll give away some of them and charge a fair fee for others. In either case, we’re here to assist you!

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