How To View Free Youtube Videos On A Computer And A Mobile Device

Are you fed up with paying a premium for the best streaming services? However, you could just have a short amount of time to choose a couple of quick movies on a family night in or you might have called in ill and need a good diversion but don’t want to spend hours looking through an app’s choices rather than watching a movie. Not every movie pick needs to be the most recent, best-of-the-year release or an expensive rental. Some of the best movies can be viewed without a subscription to any of the well-known entertainment applications like Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu on YouTube.

Thankfully, not every movie uploaded on YouTube requires you to pay a fee. In fact, there is a separate channel with ads just for uncomplicated movies. You can learn how to find this hidden collection of free movies on the YouTube website and app by reading our tutorial. And don’t forget to connect your preferred streaming device — it’s time for a night of movies and popcorn!

How to watch free movies on YouTube from a PC

You shouldn’t anticipate to uncover the most recent blockbusters or some of the most well-known classics while browsing YouTube’s collection of free movies. Even while the selection of free movies won’t appeal to everyone, it is a wonderful alternative if you want to switch things up from your preferred streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime). We’ll outline how to access this premium channel in the sections below.

1. Click the Hamburger button on the YouTube homepage.

2. On the Explore sidebar, select Movies & TV.

3. Click on “Free Primetime Movies” once you scroll down. See all

While you may watch movies with PG and G ratings without creating a YouTube account, mature films (such as those with a 14A classification) require you to sign in to verify your age. But keep in mind that one benefit of having a YouTube account is the ability to save some of these films for later viewing or to pick up where you left off after leaving the website or app (akin to a Netflix watch list).

How To Watch Free Youtube Movies On Mobile

It’s a good thing that YouTube has added a movies and TV area so you can browse by categories rather than having to manually search for “free movies” to find this part. But to make things even simpler, we’ve listed the steps below; at the end of this section, we’ve also supplied the app widget. In this example, we’ll use the Android app, but you can use the app to access and view free movies on iOS as well.

1. Open the mobile YouTube app.

2. At the top, next to the categories, tap the Explore icon.

3. Select Films & TV.

4. Tap View all after scrolling down to Free Primetime movies.

Save Money And Take Advantage Of Youtube’s Free Entertainment Options.

Shopping around for streaming that gives value takes effort because popular streaming services are sometimes out of reach for the average household budget. And it should come as no surprise that YouTube is at the top of most of these lists, particularly when looking for secure and cost-free online movie alternatives. However, YouTube’s limitations come at the expense of your tolerance for handling a restricted selection of movies and enduring ad-supported content, which may not be a huge concern compared to reducing your monthly expenses.

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