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Over 420,000 websites that are known to violate your privacy or security, such as trackers and frauds, are blocked by BLOKK, a filter that intercepts the data your phone sends back to apps and websites.

How come I should utilise BLOKK?

Identifying phishing and fraud websites can be challenging. BLOKK shields you from clicking on links that can expose your funds and personal information to hackers. Your apps are leaking data to monitoring businesses in large numbers. A lot of trackers create profiles of you and sell this information. BLOKK helps you keep your online behaviour secret by alerting you to which apps are leaking data.

Why is a VPN connection necessary to use BLOKK?

Although BLOKK does not function as a conventional VPN, it does use this technology to restrict your network activities on just your phone. Unlike a standard VPN, BLOKK does not alter or conceal your IP address from your service provider. However, traditional VPNs do not often shield you from all the hazards that BLOKK does (phishing, frauds, digital fingerprinting, or trackers).

BLOKK Apk Features

  • Block or unblock particular trackers manually.
  • View the past 30 days’ worth of blockings and phone activity.
  • You can geo-block nations and get a worldwide map of your data.
  • Anytime you choose, you can start, stop, or pause BLOKK.
  • For a specific app, disable BLOKK and allow all trackers to pass.
  • View a detailed list of the scams and trackers that have been stopped.
  • Selective block list categories (such as trackers or frauds) can be turned on or off.
  • Check the number of trackers that have been disallowed for each of your most recent apps.
  • Get informed right away if you visit a website that is known to be a hoax or to be hazardous.

Download BLOKK Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me (Apk)
Updated Apr 24, 2023
Current Version 1.0.231
Requires Android 9 and up
Offered By Revoke Limited

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