6 Warning Signs to Upgrade Your Android Phone(2024)

If you have find that your Android device slows down all the time and can’t able to run new apps, then It might be time to replace your phone. Go through this article and know some of the major signs to know that it’s time to upgrade your Android Phone

Replacing your device may be unavoidable if it’s sluggish, damaged, or struggling to keep up with current applications and websites. Here are some major signs through that you will know it’s the time for you to upgrade your Android phone to something better.

6 Warning Signs to Upgrade your Android Device

1. Too Slow to Use

  • Use any smart device for quite some time and you’ll begin to feel the slowdown. No one wants to sit around ideally for their smartphone to respond. Old phones can sometimes take more than a couple of seconds to open applications, and you might find that touches are currently more slow to enroll.
  • Upgrading your version of Android can can place more noteworthy expectations on your phone’s resources, including heavier RAM and CPU usage. New applications may likewise cause comparative issues, particularly if they’re resource-intensive. The most recent Android games are many times an offender.
  • Another issue could be the number of background applications left running. The more applications that consume resources in the background, the more slow your phone becomes. Replacing your device will give you expanded resources for your phone’s software to run with, whether it’s Android itself or the applications you install.

2. The Battery Runs Out Quickly

  • If your android phone frequently dies on you, that’s a major warning sign that now is the ideal time to upgrade. There are ways to expanding your battery life on Android, however they probably won’t help that much if you notice your phone isn’t holding its charge like it used to.
  • This occurs because of the lithium-ion utilized in the battery. Over time, the chemical components of your battery begin to corrupt, that means it’ll hold less charge. After a few hundred recharge “cycles”, a battery loses up to a fifth or a greater amount of its capacity to hold a charge.
  • It is essential try not to overnight charge to limit the number of unnecessary recharges. If your battery doesn’t hold its charge like it used to, yet you actually use it similarly, you will notice issues.
  • Rather than remaining close your charger constantly or depending on a power bank, you should think about upgrading to get a phone with a new battery. A less expensive option is to absolutely get the battery of your current phone replaced if the manufacturer still sells it.

3. Apps Crash Frequently

  • Application crashes are normal among Android phones. Once in a while, an application is buggy or badly designed, and other times, your phone’s compatibility is the issue. Some applications may not run on phones with outdated software, for instance.
  • If you’re noticing applications crashing on your phone constantly, it very well may be an indication of a more serious issue. Applications might crash as a result of the interest they’re putting on your phone, such as its RAM or CPU. If the resources available aren’t adequate, the application will crash.
  • You could likewise see crashes when the storage on your device is low, particularly for apps that save or access the storage frequently. Newer phones will have increased storage to determine this specific issue.

4. It’s Outdated and Lacking Updates

  • A new Android release normally happens once a year around September and brings new helpful features. likewise accompanies an expanded demand on your phone resources. Try not to anticipate vast updates, nonetheless.
  • If you have purchased another top-level cell phone like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you’re getting a sum of four years of significant operating system updates. Although, a few manufacturers just proposition a few years of updates, and that implies your phone’s software may be outdated sooner than you’d like.
  • Alongside operating system updates, your phone will likewise quit getting security updates which can make it helpless against cyber-attacks. In the event that you’re stressed over an outdated phone, and you’re done getting updates, a replacement may be the most effective way forward.

5. New Apps Won’t Run

  • There are some extraordinary VR applications available for Android and sadly, you might find that more current sorts of applications, like VR applications that are especially resource-intensive, just won’t work actually on older phones.
  • A similar issue applies to Android games. Upgrades to gameplay mean more prominent demands on RAM and your phone’s graphics abilities. If your phone is older, it won’t finish the work as successfully as a new phone that has the most up-to-date technology powering it.
  • The most ideal way to test this is by installing some high-resource applications. Try out a couple of VR applications or high-resource games, and see how well they perform on your phone. If they don’t function well, it’s most likely time for a new phone.

6. You’re Running Out of Storage

  • It’s standard for current Android phones to have at least 128GB of internal storage on the base model, which is more than enough space for many people. However, if your Android phone is older than approximately three to five years, it’s possible that depending on your model it has up to 16, 32, or 64GB of maximum storage.
  • While that could have been enough previously, but considering the increasing file size of pretty much every form of media, it is not sufficient today. Cell phone cameras currently make higher-resolution shots, mobile games are all the more graphically-intense, and social media apps are getting more features than any time in recent memory.

All of this requires additional space to ensure that your phone continues to serve you consistently.

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