Use These 3 Simple Methods To See A Locked Facebook Profile.

Are you also curious to see someone’s locked Facebook profile picture? What happens if a user blocks your profile? Several people lock their Facebook profiles. It’s unclear if you should accept or decline a message or friend request from a locked profile. Check out more Facebook tricks as well.

Why are people locking their Facebook profiles?

Many people access Facebook covertly. In order to shield users from these people, Facebook launched the Closed Profile option. It’s fantastic since only your friends may view your photo if you create a restricted profile on Facebook. One benefit of this feature is that no one else can see your posts or any other information. Also, you are unable to take a screenshot of your restricted profile. It’s acceptable to worry about your privacy. You must exercise caution nevertheless if you accept buddy requests from closed profiles. If you are unable to view the profile, accepting the request may be challenging.

How To See Locked Profile On FB

It is simple to view restricted Facebook accounts using these tactics and recommendations.

  • Use a phone browser to view a locked Facebook profile
    By utilising the standard Facebook mobile browsing, you can see the profile photo of closed Facebook profiles. You can view the profile image of a locked Facebook account by following these instructions.
  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and sign in.
  • Next, look up the restricted profile whose profile photo you wish to see in the search field.
  • Tap on the address bar and append “mbasic” to the end of the ‘Facebook term. Look for it. You’ll be able to do this to view your device’s basic mode-locked Facebook profile. replace this code into

  • To download the locked profile image to your device, long-press the profile photo once more, and then tap the Download Image option.

I’m done now. You can now access the profile photo from the closed Facebook account in the phone’s gallery app.

2. Using an online tool, view a locked Facebook profile

Many websites on the internet claim to show profile images from closed Facebook accounts. One internet tool, however, actually delivers on its promise. With this tool, you may examine the full-size profile image for a closed account and simply copy the Facebook profile link into the search field. This is the procedure.

  • To view the profile photo of the closed Facebook account, copy the profile Link.
  • Go to the Online Profile Viewer Tool next. Copy the profile link and then paste it into the search box.
  • After that, use any way to confirm your identity. When bot verification is successful, click the Get Profile Picture button to view the profile photo of your closed Facebook account.
  • You can try a different technique and repeat the steps above to view the locked profile image if Method A is unable to appropriately display the profile photo.

3. Add a Locked Profile person as a friend

Connecting with pals and adding them to your friends list is another quick and easy way to view images and other updates on the restricted Facebook account. Following your acceptance, you might be able to see the target Facebook user’s picture where his buddy may have also tagged him.

This indicates that you can access the shared photographs between the buddy you just added to your Facebook page and the closed profile account.

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