The “Switch To Android” App From Google Has Been Discreetly Released For iOS

Switching between Android and iOS can be a hassle, but there are often helpful applications available to make the process go more smoothly. To convert from Android to iOS, you can use Apple’s “Move to iOS” app, and to go from Android to iOS, you’ll most likely use a combination of apps and Google cloud services. Due to the lack of a specific companion app, switching from iOS to Android has never been easy, but Google has secretly published the “Switch to Android” app on the Apple App Store.

The software now walks users through the standard setup process that all new Android device owners must go through. Backing up your contacts, calendar entries, and images is included. Before switching, it will also show users how to disable iMessage. It’s essentially an interactive checklist for transferring all of your data from your iPhone to your sparkling new Android phone, with the proviso that application data cannot be transferred.

When the app first launches, it will prompt you to scan a QR code for the device you’re setting up. It also doesn’t necessitate that both phones be connected through a wire, as the majority of the data transfer is done through Google accounts and Google Drive. The iMessage deactivating is the most critical step, because otherwise, other iPhone users would be unable to send you an SMS message.

Apple’s own app for transferring to iOS came a long time after Google’s dedicated app for moving to Android. The “Move to iOS” app was released in 2015, although Google’s official instructions just instructed users on how to install Google Drive and back up their data. For example, there was no means to transfer text messages, and the process was exceedingly limited.

All of this isn’t to suggest that the process isn’t still constraining. It still is, but Google’s goal is to make it as clear as possible about what can be transferred. Google has incorporated a means to copy data from iCloud to Google Drive, which offers 15GB of free storage instead of the meagre 2GB offered by iCloud.

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