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If you find your existing notification panels to be a little monotonous and plain due to their universal stock settings, then Treydev Inc’s intriguing mobile app will come in handy. Feel free to utilise Power Shade Apk to work on your Android customizations in comfort. Enable the easy and quick options, which will allow you to customise your notification panels in a variety of ways. As you experiment with the intriguing in-app features, unlock unique looks and visual impressions. To quickly alter your gadgets, explore the various available settings and stunning presets. Alternatively, create your own unique designs and use the in-app editing features to further customise your gadgets.

What does it do?

Android users will be able to simply alter their simple and boring notification panels into something that is a lot more fun and intriguing to look at with Power Shade Apk. Enjoy working with amazing in-app options that let you alter themes, customise grids, and customise components on your notification panels. Explore cool wallpapers that may be customised in a variety of ways. Unlock useful music bars that will help you get the most out of your music apps. Allow for fun blur effects on various on-screen items. All of these should make working with your fantastic app tweaks and personalizations a breeze.

Power Shade Apk Features

The following are all of the app’s intriguing features:

– Simple And Straightforward To Use
Power Shade Apk’s simple and clean setup will allow Android users to work on modifying their on-screen information with ease. Feel free to experiment with a variety of customizations and make your own notification bars and quick settings options. Furthermore, Power Shade Apk will provide you with a variety of useful gesture controls. All of this is sure to impress you.

– Choose From A Variety Of Styles To Quickly Personalise
To begin, Android users in Power Shade Apk can use the user-friendly and accessible templates to create completely distinct visual experiences in a variety of styles. Make simple and instantaneous changes to your notification bar, allowing you to work comfortably with it. Try out a variety of styles and feel various vibes every time you open the app.

– Grids That May Be Adjusted To Freely Position The Elements
Additionally, you can now interact with the changeable grids and freely customise the on-screen features to make the app more fascinating. By flexibly arranging each icon on your notification bar, you may experiment with a variety of intriguing customizations and create your own unique themes. All of these will allow you to get the most out of the fantastic mobile app.

– Your Notification Bar Can Be Fully Customised In Terms Of Colour.
Finally, Android users can get full colour modifications and free notification bar tweaks to round up their editing experiences. Work with a variety of base layouts and use the available tools to colour all of the on-screen objects. To get unique visual experiences on your creative endeavours, freely modify your colour groupings and every single decision.

– Work With Useful And Convenient Notifications
Power Shade Apk also allows you to work with smart and convenient notifications, for those of you who are interested. Feel free to use the complex in-app capabilities to quickly obtain the information you need and even enter specific apps. Simultaneously, you may easily snooze or reject notifications from any single app.

– Toolbar For Advanced Music
Android users will be able to enjoy improved music experiences thanks to the available music toolbar. Feel free to experiment with the dynamic colour selections for customising the playing album artworks. Furthermore, the built-in controls will provide all of the accessible configurations without the need to open specific music playback apps.

– Quick Reply Is A Useful Feature.
There’s no need to open each app to finish your reply when working with many messages from separate apps. Android users, on the other hand, may simply respond to their messages while also working on the notification bars. Choose which messages need to be responded to and respond to them all while remaining on your home screen or in any other app.

– Organize Your App Notifications In A Way That Works For You.
If you’re having trouble coping with several notifications from different Android apps, it’s also crucial to use Power Shade Apk to efficiently manage your notifications. You may quickly combine app alerts into a single group using the built-in App Bundled option. Feel free to use the option to quickly check notifications from several apps without being confused.

– Themes For Notification Cards That Are Interesting
Android users may also choose from a variety of card themes in Power Shade Apk, which offer a variety of visually appealing experiences inspired by Android 10. You are free to work with the light notifications in a casual manner. In the card backgrounds, enable colourful options with dynamic colours. Alternatively, you can use the eye-catching dark theme, which will seamlessly blend all of your notifications into the deep black background.

Prepare to have your on-screen experiences entirely customised and personalised with Power Shade Apk, as the mobile app offers many useful and intriguing choices for you to freely change your notification bars and quick setting panels. Play around with the fantastic in-app features and create your own incredible designs. Make use of the fast templates available to design your device right away. Alternatively, you may use one of the many editing capabilities to easily change your own material. You’ll have even more reasons to appreciate the app now that it’s available for free and unlocked on our website.

Download Power Shade Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Power Shade (Apk)
Updated 24 October 2021
Current Version
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 9.7M
Offered By ZipoApps

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