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The notification bar is where you can see what’s going on via displaying notifications. Everything that happens in the device is sent to the notification side, which notifies the user. The key aspect of the notification wall is that it is only used to accomplish something; many messages are delivered every day, thus the message is generally filled. Users must also visit the notification bar several times in order to understand what is in there and to clean it up. The wallpaper can be changed, and the device’s appearance can be altered, but the notification bar’s layout is the only item that can be altered.

Things that were previously impossible to accomplish will now be possible using the One Shade application, which was formerly used to change the look of the notification bar. This app is designed to introduce users to fresh experiences in order to motivate them to work productively. This app will deliver a fresh air to disperse the old when everything becomes too familiar.

  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot
  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot
  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot
  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot
  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot
  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot
  • One Shade: Custom Notification Screenshot


Many people believe that modifying the impossible is a difficult task that cannot be completed fast. In many circumstances, this may be true, but in this situation, everything becomes a lot easier. The app must first be installed on the user’s smartphone before it can be used. Then, for the first time, run the application to complete the final installation. When the app is first launched, the user will see a slider labelled “Not running.” Swipe right to activate the app. To work properly, the app will ask for some permissions from the user.

Users can feel comfortable that these permissions will not compromise critical documents or anything else. The software was rigorously vetted before it was released on the store to avoid causing harm to the user’s device. As a result, the user can provide this permission to the app so that it can perform at its optimum. That’s all there is to it in order to activate and use this software. Swipe the bar to the left to turn off the application if the user doesn’t want to use it anymore.

Change The Look Of The Device

It is simple to alter the look of many smartphones, particularly those running the Android operating system, by downloading a new appearance from the shop. So this software may do the same thing by allowing the user to customize the notification bar’s appearance. Apps can transform into squares, triangles, and other shapes in user notifications with circle icons, for example. Even though it is simply a minor alteration, it is this shift that provides everyone with fresh experiences.

Color Variety

Not only does it add new forms to notifications, but it also adds additional colors for users to choose from. There’s a palette with millions of other colors to pick from, in addition to the primary colors. Users must locate the color they require and press the apply button; the toolbar will immediately change color. Only a minor tweak, but it is sufficient to provide consumers with a distinctive device experience.

Change The Background Image Of The Notification Bar

The device wallpaper isn’t the only thing that can be changed; if the user utilizes this app, the notification bar’s desktop background can also be changed. Users must first open the app and select the photographs they want to use. Despite the fact that there are numerous identical apps on the market, there are only a few that include this function. As a result, our application has provided users with a variety of novel notification bar experiences.

Change Functions

There are various shortcuts for many various functions on the user’s notification bar, such as realizing or turning off wifi, changing the device’s mode, and so on. The majority of them are pre-installed by the app for convenience. Users can also personalize the toolbar with shortcuts to a variety of functions to meet the demands of a variety of users. Users must select what they require and convert it into notifications.

Download One Shade Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name One Shade (Apk)
Updated May 31, 2021
Current Version 18.0.7
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 9.9M
Offered By ZipoApps

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