Life of a Youtuber

With 30 million views a day there are actually 1,300,000,000 people who use Youtube with an estimated income of $4,000,000,000 from advertising alone. So the market is massive, and aspiring YouTubers have every right to pursue a career. The question is… what are your chances of actually making a living out of your network?

Unfortunately, the odds are not in everybody’s favour.

A Sad Fact For The Majority Of Youtubers

For aspiring Youtubers, things have toughened up recently. Particularly smaller channels below 1000 or even below 100,000 subscribers. About why? Because what they sow, they can hardly reap. It is important to be careful that Youtube is highly competitive in terms of opinions. After all it is a company and its aim is to make money.

Nowadays almost any generation and child would not hesitate to say yes to a Youtube career. And to think so they’re right. Who wouldn’t want all the fame and wealth you see on tv, all the positive energy and fulfilling promises? But the truth of the situation is every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube! And sadly, most of these videos are left overlooked. There are over 16,000 YouTube channels out there as of December 2019, with over 1 million subscribers. And about 160,000 have more than 100,000 of them. Actually, that’s very little, given that there are 31 million Youtube channels and that they are still increasing.

But assuming you invested money and resources into the right gear and the best tools for editing. Your odds have improved tremendously. Really! But from a financial standpoint, is it really worth it? Ok for your platform and viewers, it depends completely on your niche and what your goals are.

How Much ‘money’ Are YouTubers Really Making?

Most bloggers begin making money on their sites with Google Adsense, the same as Youtubers, if we were to make a connection. The pay sucks, but averaging between $0.006 and $0.015 per page view, it’s better than nil. Yet ad prices on YouTube are much worse. Even if it’s fast and simple if you upload daily. But it’s very taxing to produce 10-minute videos per week with quality editing. In 2013, the average income for each YouTube content maker was $7.60 for every thousand views, according to Investopedia. A video will have received approximately $3.80.CPM with 500 views. CPM (cost per thousand) is a concept in the industry that reflects profits per thousand opinions. Google will issue a charge to your registered bank account after you accumulate your first $100 in earnings or more. Simple as that.

Behind Us Are The Good Old Days Of YouTube?

YouTube shares 55 percent of its ad sales at an average of $7.60 per 1,000 ad views with content makers and books. Which ensures that for every 1,000 views of advertisements shown on your videos, you get around $4.18. From your $7.60 per thousand views, this is a small move back. It’s just $0.00418 per display, and if anyone turns off the ad before a certain time has elapsed, that doesn’t even count. The explanation for this began in 2017 after advertisers protested over the display of commercials in racist and low-quality films. Youtube has taken steps to strengthen its hold on all networks for this cause. So looking at the numbers, you will make approximately about $4.18 per 1000 views from mere ads. This is without other advertisements, affiliate connections or premium promotions that are paid for. You will create an approximation of the range of gains you can potentially earn by clicking below.

Your YouTube Money Calculation

The explanation why the actual income of a single Youtuber is impossible to measure is that most of them have distinct sources of revenue. You usually have a lot of them saying “Order my merchandise and get 10 percent off or Be my Patreon” while watching a video. That’s why it’s hard to make real cash for starters and they get forced out of the game. If you have several thousand views a month, the chance of anyone buying your items, clicking on your affiliate connection or becoming your Patreon is very low.

To Get Started

For any who wish to start making money on YouTube, these metrics will need to be reached. Typically, they will start earning some income from it after these.

  • At least 1,000 subscriptions.
  • Over the last year at least 4,000 hours of watch time.
  • Both must be fulfilled within a single span of 12 months.

Before achieving these metrics, can you raise some money? Youtube technically wants you to make money, so they will still make money this way. But let’s be serious, the money that you make is so small that it may not be much anyway. We’re pennies spoken.

Due to the 4,000-hour requirement, even YouTube channels with 1,000 viewers are being booted out of the scheme. This is very demanding, especially if someone has a full-time job to take care of or a family. And you need a steady supply of videos and new views to reach the 240,000 minutes per year to continue with the programme, assuming that the average viewing time per video is about three minutes. You’re out of the game otherwise.

But let’s be honest

By all way, Youtube is an amazing site. But you need to get at least a few tens of thousands of followers, and hundreds of thousands of monthly views, if you want to even imagine becoming a full-time Youtuber. And maybe it isn’t enough. So, look at Youtube as a hobby project, for instance. For entertainment, a side-hustle. As years fly by and those views don’t come, a new path is definitely worth taking. Persistence is essential. But they still serve their own potential for time. Youtube can make people flame out. No one can see it, but audiences can see what’s going on behind the cameras, the actual writing, filming, and publicity war.

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