In An Attempt To Comfort Him, A ‘Depressed’ Man Kisses A Stunning Female Police Officer.

The major responsibility of the police is to preserve order and law by averting crime and disruption by upholding the law. But they also have a duty to support the populace in times of need. But occasionally, unexpected occurrences take place that leave everyone in disbelief. Here we present a video of a stunning female police officer comforting a man who appears to be depressed. Surprisingly, though, he kisses her right away and hugs her close.

The attractive female police officer is seen in the video caressing a man by stroking his cheek. Even though the man appears to be depressed, the officer treats him with great courtesy. The man hugs her right away, and the officer embraces him with no resistance. But after a little while, the man grabs her neck and kisses the lady cop in the face. The officer resists the man’s action this time and pulls her face back.

The female police officer, however, smiles with astonishment instead of becoming irate. Another man approaches and pushes him away in the meantime.

Social media users are discussing the incident in the viral video that Sanscari_ladka posted on Instagram. The incident itself made the onlookers at the scene laugh out loud. As the female officer is apparently seen wearing a Bangladeshi police uniform, the incident appears to have occurred in that country.

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