How to Make 3D AI Social media Images using Bing Application

Make a three-dimensional illustration featuring an animated youngster sitting carelessly on top of the “YouTube” social media logo. The character has to dress in contemporary Indian attire. The character’s background is a spoof of his “ITECH” YouTube profile page, complete with the identical profile photo as the character.

With the rise of the AI Portraits trend, the fusion of social media pictures and artificial intelligence has reached unprecedented heights as we approach 2024. We walk you through the steps of utilizing the Bing Image Creator to create captivating 3D AI social media photos in this video. Accept the direction of digital expression as we reveal the techniques for creating captivating AI portraits that will enthrall your viewers.

Setting the Stage: AI Portraits Trend 2024

  • Understanding AI Portraits: Explore the world of AI Portraits, wherein common pictures are converted into engrossing, realistic 3D representations using artificial intelligence algorithms. This fad, which offers a distinctive and eye-catching approach to exhibit creativity, has grabbed social media by storm.
  • Bing Image Creator Overview: Learn about the Bing Image Creator, an effective tool that uses AI to produce aesthetically attractive portraits. This application, which enables users to bring their digital creations to life, is at the forefront of the AI Portraits trend.

Creating 3D AI Social Media Images:

Access Bing Image Creator:

  • Access Bing Image Creator: Launch your favorite browser and go to the Bing Image Creator website.
  • Upload Your Image: Upload a high-resolution photo of your choosing to kickstart the creative process. This might be any image that you wish to alter with artificial intelligence (AI), be it a landscape or a portrait.
  • Select AI Portraits Features: Explore Bing Image Creator’s array of AI tools, including style filters, backdrop modification, and facial augmentation. Tailor these elements to fit your artistic concept.
  • Adjust Parameters: Adjust the settings to customize your AI portrait’s general appearance, color grading, and 3D depth. Try a variety of settings until you get the desired outcome.
  • Preview and Refine: Make use of the preview function to view your image’s alterations in real time. To make sure your 3D AI social media image satisfies your artistic standards, make adjustments as necessary.

Saving and Sharing:

  • Save Your Creation: After you’re happy with the outcome, save your 3D AI portrait to your gadget. Usually, Bing Image Creator offers a variety of download options so you may select the resolution and format.
  • Share on Social Media: Display your artistic creation on social networking channels. Your fans will be drawn in by AI Portraits because of their distinctive style and striking visual appeal.

Tips for Success:

  • Experiment and Explore: Explore the entire spectrum of options by experimenting with various photos, styles, and AI features.
  • Stay Trendy: To stay ahead of the curve, keep an eye on social media trends and the most recent advancements in AI portraits.
  • Engage with the Community: Post your works to the community on the internet and participate in conversations to pick up tips and get ideas from others.


You may unleash your creativity in the digital world with the AI Portraits trend and the Bing Image Creator. In the rapidly changing world of digital expression, embrace the future of 3D AI social media images, enthrall your audience, and make a striking statement. With the help of AI, step into the visual storytelling of the future!

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